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Our Quality Guarantee to you

We all work hard to earn a living and we know how important it is to feel your money is being spent on a quality product. At Piney Grove Flower Farm, we feel the same about the floral products we create and take pride in our products.

As a result, our quality guarantee to you is as follows:

1.) Freshness Guarantee: We promise that you will always receive flowers that are harvested at the right time to ensure the highest quality and freshest blooms possible.

2.) Transparent Sourcing: We are a micro flower farm and on occasion (whether due to quantity needed or Mother Nature's impact), we may need to source other flowers in addition to our own. We, however, will provide information about the local farms or businesses we partner with, fostering transparency and a connection to the community.

3.) Sustainability Commitment: We promise to grow our blooms using eco-friendly practices, promoting sustainability and reducing our environmental impact.

4.) Timely Delivery: Expect your flowers to be delivered or received promptly, preserving the freshness and beauty of the blooms for your enjoyment.

5.) Customer Satisfaction: If you're not completely satisfied with your flowers, please reach out to us and we'll work to make it right.

We thank you for choosing local flowers---your purchase supports both the local community and a more sustainable floral industry! That is something to be proud of!

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