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The First "Holiday Market at the Barn"

The first Holiday Market at the Barn was an absolute success! It was such a festive holiday event and finally has me in the Christmas spirit! It was also a wonderful way for us local flower farmers to showcase our beautiful floral crafts and to to be able to get to meet more of our wonderful, supporting community. It was held at the enchanting Mossy Hill Farm in Pfafftown, NC in their beautiful barn! What a dream barn to work out of! #goals

The market was filled with festive cheer, delightful goodies and good company. We truly appreciate each and everyone of you who came out and supported our flower farming community! We hope to hold this event annually, so mark your calendars now!

This event was a group collaboration of 9 local flower farms. To give a little background on this group of women, we all have been following each other on social media and watching each of us build our flower farming businesses. Around 1 year ago, we started meeting once a month to support each other with our flower farming businesses. Because let's be real, farming is tough! This event came out of our group meetings and the simple fact that we wanted to promote the benefits and idea of local flowers.

It didn't used to always be this way but the majority of flowers in the United States are imported from out of this country, 80% in fact. These flowers are already old by the time they get here and have been heavily sprayed with pesticides and herbicides not to mention the labor and transportation issues that come along with this. We all feel so strongly about growing local flowers and the benefits that flowers have.

It has been a blessing to get to know each of these ladies. I personally was blown away at the Market with how talented each of these ladies are. I mean I knew they were kick butt flower farmers but to actually see all of their talented work was truly amazing.

I had a gentleman at the event ask me how we all are able to run a profitable business with so many of us growing flowers and not being competitive with one another. Our group mindset has always been to help one another and support one another. There is no way that one flower farmer can fill the entire market for cut flowers as so many are still imported into this country.

As a group we feel that thru collaboration we can all further our flower goals. This is one of the things that we all love about flowers: their ability to bring people together and share their beauty. This is why we grow them. Flowers have such an important role to fill in our world.










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