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What’s blooming in July?

Updated: Jan 13

Hello flower friends!

We are in the heat of the summer here in NC after a rather cool Spring. Many of the cool flowers are still pumping out the blooms and the summer annuals are just starting. This means two of my favorite flowers are starting to bloom, zinnias and dahlias!

Zinnias and dahlias are the two flowers that sparked this flower farm dream of mine! They come in so many different colors and dahlias also come in a variety of shapes as well.



This year we are growing right around 100 dahlia plants. This includes around 70 different varieties. We shifted a bit this year to include more ball varieties of dahlias as these tend to have the best vase life. However, we couldn't completely move away from some of the other shapes as they sure are beautiful even if they don't last quite as long! And the pollinators love them too!

This year I started all our dahlias in pots starting in March so I could get a jump on the season and monitor for any disease. Plus this way if one didn't grow I wouldn't have as many empty spots to fill in the garden (as space is always at a premium). The majority of the dahlias were planted out into our raised beds at the beginning of June. Now we are anxiously awaiting all the beautiful new varieties to bloom!

We got our first dahlia blooms last year at the end of July. This year we had our first bloom at the end of June. So potting up early is going to extend our dahlia season by at least a month! More time to enjoy all the beautiful blooms!


Top L to R: Strawberry Cream, Crème de Cassis, KA's Boho Peach

Bottom L to R: Sweet Fabienne, Jowey Nicky, Ivanetti


We also have some celosias starting to bloom and of course the long awaited lisianthus. Half of our lisianthus was started from seed in December and transplanted out in mid-February. The other half were ordered as tiny transplants and also planted out in mid-February. After a long 6-7 months of babying these plants they are starting to finally bloom. Lisianthus looks similar to a rose as it blooms.

We hope to have straight bouquets of lisianthus soon!

What flowers are gracing your garden or brightening up your surroundings? Share your #JulyBlooms and let's celebrate the beauty of flowers! 🌺🌼🌷 #GardenLove #FlowerPower

These are some of our July bouquets so far! We are still at the NW Guilford Farmers and Specialty Market every Saturday from 8:30-12:30 pm thru October (7200 Summerfield Road, Summerfield, NC). We are always here for special requests!

We are hoping to have some new offerings here in the near future! Stay tuned! We also always appreciate any feedback from our customers and would appreciate it if you could leave us a review on our website. Happy Friday and Happy gardening!

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