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Meet the Farmers at Piney Grove Flower Farm

Hi there! We are Amanda and Chris Mounce and we are the flower farmer and owners at Piney Grove Flower Farm.  Our flower farm is located in Kernersville, NC.  We haven't always planned to have a flower farm but for the last several years we have been working towards a more self-sufficient and sustainable life and the dream kind of grew from this.  We have been married for almost 20 years and settled in Kernersville right before we married.  Amanda starting growing veggies in our teeny tiny backyard on our 1/4 acre property about 10 years ago.  We always dreamed about finding a piece of land in our area where we could really stretch out and grow more of our own food and lead a more healthy life.  Amanda has several chronic health issues and we also wanted our kids to have more room to be outside and explore nature like we did as kids.

So in the Fall of 2019, we moved onto our 1 1/2 acre property and slowly started to transform it.  The very first Spring we put in our chicken coop and our main garden area and things have only grown from there.  In 2021, in an effort to increase pollinators in the garden to help with the fruit and vegetable garden, Amanda put in a small flower garden off of the main garden area.  This small flower garden consisted of zinnias, cosmos, yarrow, snapdragons, petunias and several others.  And this is when the flower dream began and Amanda fell in love with zinnias and dahlias and all other flowers!  She has been studying and learning all things flowers ever since!  

We are still growing fruit and veggies on the farm but for family use.  The joy flowers brings to the world is immense. You can't help but smile to see the beauty they bring!  We pride ourselves on working with the land, animals and insects that make up the ecosystem.  We do not use herbicides or pesticides on our farm and are a minimal till farm.

Amanda and Chris Mounce-Flower Farmer and Owners at Piney Grove Flower Farm in Kernersville, NC
What our flower farm looked like when we first arrived in 2019
This is what the back of our property looked like when we moved in (2019). A big blank slate.
What our farm looked like in 2022 with new field added and some raised beds
The main garden with several raised beds added around and a new field added out behind the greenhouse in 2022.
What our farm looked like in 2020 with greenhouse that was added in 20201
The main garden area from 2020 with green house (2021) behind it.
New field area that was added in 2022
The new field area started in 2022 and grown in for the first time.
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