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Fresh Buds


Do we offer farm tours?

We do not offer farm tours.  We have a super busy farm schedule in addition to this being our private residence.  At this time, we are currently closed to the public.  This may change in the future.

Do we grow all of our own flowers?

The majority of our flowers are grown from seed starting in tiny soil blocks which helps to conserve soil and resources and allows me to grow a lot of plants in a tiny space.  Some of our plants are purchased as plugs or bare roots from other growers.  For example, our peonies and roses.  

Is our farm certified organic?

We are not certified organic however since I started my gardens and later my flower farm, we have only ever used organic practices.  I used to mainly grow a vegetable garden and started interplanting flowers to increase my crop yields and to encourage beneficial bugs and pollinators.  This has allowed for a healthy ecosystem in my garden and now flower farm and these are practices that we still continue.  We focus on building good soil every year to promote the healthiest plants possible.  Does this mean we don't have pests? No....but I have not had to intervene as I have a good population of good bugs who do a great job of keeping things in balance.  These practices are super important to us as a flower farm.

Other questions?

If you have other questions, feel free to submit them through the Contact Us link above in the Menu bar and we will responds within 48 hours.  Thanks!

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